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Special Features

Purifies Air
Improves Sleep Quality
Low Maintenance

How to Grow?

Well-drained, soil that has been with compost is ideal. This plant prefers humus-rich, acidic soil.

Keep croton plants evenly moist in the summer. Crotons need about 1 inch of water per week. Reduce watering in the winter to biweekly.

Croton plants need a fair amount of sun. Bright, indirect light is best.

A diluted fertilizer used every 2 weeks is ideal to feed this plant with during the growing season ( spring โ€“ fall).

They are fairly easy to propagate during spring with stem cuttings.

Report once every 2 -3 years. Only change the pot to one size larger once the plant has outgrown its pot, does like itโ€™s roots to be crowded.

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