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Special Features

Purifies Air
Low Maintenance

How to Grow?

A Ficus need well-draining,fertile soil,Soli-based potting mixes should work well for this plant and provide the nutrients it needs.

Water your ficus when the soil is dry 2 inches(5.1cm)down.Overwatering is just as Detrimental as under-watering a ficus. Both can casuse the leaves on your tree to drop.Pour just enough water into the pot to seep through the drainage holes at the bottom.

Ficus thrives in bright and indirect sunlight. They grow best when placed in a spot they like and moved as little as posssible. Make sure that you are rotating your plant to ensure that all sides get sufficient directional light.

Feed the ficus a good fertiliser monthly during summers. During winters,the plant growth naturally solows down so no need to fertilise in winters.

When repotting,choose a pot 2 to 3 inches larger in diameter than your current pot. The Best time to repot your Ficus is during spring.

A Ficus can be easily propagated by a leaf or a stem cutting

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