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Interesting Facts

July’s Birth Flower is the water lily. Its no wonder that these bright blooms are linked to July, because they’re mainly a summer flower

Special Features

Good Luck Plants
Love Sun

How to Grow?

Flower Color
Blooming Season
Spring to early fall
Care Level
Required Sunlight
Direct Sunlight

Water lilies are aquatic plants and do not grow in soil in the traditional sense. Instead, they grow in a specialized aquatic planting medium or substrate.

Watering for water lilies primarily involves maintaining a consistent water level in the pond or container where they are grown.

Water lilies generally do not require frequent repotting but may benefit from division and repotting every few years to maintain healthy growth.Repot water lilies in early spring before new growth begins or in late summer after flowering has finished.

Water Lilies during repotting by separating the rhizome into sections, each with at least one growing point.Keep the soil moist and provide warmth and light for germination.

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